Off Script for Brands

Sell directly through people you trust.

Sell through hundreds of shops, get twice the margins compared to retailers and connect with consumers all over the globe.
Sell directly through people you trust.

You + Me

is the new e-commerce

Off Script is an e-commerce platform that enables creators to create their very own ecommerce and sell your brand directly from their own shop. For brands this means a new channel with increased sales, brand awareness, and brand control.

We help brands understand the market, find amazing profiles to work with, seed their products and grow their businesses. Welcome to the future of commerce.


Work with the world’s
best creators

Increase sales and grow your business

Sell directly through the stores at Off Script and reach new customers and markets.

Get insightful and actionable data

Understand consumer behavior and influencer performance to track how the market moves.

Collaborate with your new sales channel

Communicate directly with profiles. No more need for middlemen.


Access great content created by the best content creators in the world.

Strengthen and grow your brand

Give your brand a trusted voice and sell to consumers all over the world.

Plug and Play

Integrate with all main e—commerce providers


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How to get started


Apply for access

Sign up and register your company details. The Off Script team will go through your application before we invite you to create an account.


Connect your e-commerce

You connect to Off Script via our pre-built integrations that enable us to import product data, and for you to seamlessly manage your orders.


Start selling through Off Script

Once you are connected, influencers can start selling your brand. You manage your orders in your ecommerce platform.

Join now

It's free to sign up, you decide on the commission and you control who can, and can not, sell your products.