Aurora L hoops quartz

Earring in partly recycled 925 silver and smokey quartz. They are what a white t-shirt is to your closet but in the shape of a earring. Goes both with your grandmothers old dress she wore at here first date and to your go-to t-shirt for work. A true classic that never goes out of style. Also available in a smaller size. We have selected smokey quartz because it suits most people & looks stunning together with silver. It neutralizes negative vibrations & is a powerful grounding stone that balance you. One of its features is that it protects against electromagnetic smog - something we really value in our constantly connected society. Smokey Quartz also brings emotional calmness, relieves both stress & anxiety & helps you to trust your intuition. And if you’re not into the crystal magic - the stone catches the light in the most enchanting way. Lightweight. Made in a small family owned workshop in Italy.