Malin Berghagen


Customizable Vegan Leather Laptop Sleeve Set

Your laptop’s new outfit (doubles as a mouse pad) Your laptop goes everywhere you go. Coffee shop? It’s there. Coworking? Yep. In bed? Mhmm. You need to protect your tech so it can withstand all of the movement it gets each day. This personalized laptop sleeve is stylish, light, and sleek -- allowing you to show off your aesthetic while still keeping your precious laptop nice and safe. Plus, it comes with a pouch to store your charger and other tech accessories. And when it’s not holding your laptop, this vegan laptop sleeve turns into a mouse pad.  * Set includes laptop sleeve and small pouch. Customize it! Add your name or logo to it to enhance your personal or business brand! (Customized products will NOT come with Multitasky logo) * Note: All custom designs will be laser printed in BLACK ONLY in the selected area. Custom products may take ~1 month to fulfill and are sent separately.

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