LUGOT shows us the perfect picnic by the sea

Johanna tells us her childhood dream, what the name LUGOT stands for, and where she would take us to enjoy a picnic.

July 6, 2020

LUGOT shows us the perfect picnic by the sea

Johanna, tell us about who you are:

Overall - happy, outgoing, dreaming of a house in the north of Italy (near my workshops - please buy a piece of Lugot jewelry so I soon can buy that house haha. Promise to invite you all!) I love to make things happen - I guess I’m not so afraid about what might happen if I fail - because damn, I have failed, starting companies that not worked out, project not going my way, etc.. But I have break-downs and then my positivity kicks me back up. And I loooove things, my biggest hobby is second-hand and vintage. I have a kind of fast fashion way but in a slow way. It feels ok to use a dress for 2 months and then turn it back so the charity shop can sell it again - it’s almost as a borrow with a good cause. My best buy for this summer is a kids’ lucia dress in really thick, good quality cotton. I will live in it this summer! Mmm with strappy sandals and messy beach hair!

Have you always known that this is what you should do? If not, when did it become obvious to you?

Well, it was a dream from when I was very young, I was making jewelry in my father’s workshop from leftover brass and stainless steel during the age of 10 - 18 - but then I started to work - and kind of got away from it. After a couple of years, I decided to start studying; Industrial economy.

- But after a very tragic loss of two close friends - I realized how fragile life is, and I went with the heart and chose to study design instead.

That education was more pointed towards furniture design, so I worked as a freelancer until I decided to go into marketing and started to work at a big shoe company. I got burnt out there, and when slowly getting back to life - thinking about what GIVES energy - I realize it was the jewelry. Might not recommend starting a company when you are supposed to recover but well well... Today I’m so glad I did!

Where does the name come from?

- It’s short for Let Us Grow Old Together - and it’s about building a company I love.

It is actually a name that has been with me for a very long time - maybe 8 years - LUGOT - It’s short for Let Us Grow Old Together - and it’s about building a company I love, wants to grow old with and dedicate my time to - So I’m working to make LUGOT a very personal jewelry brand - focusing on the feeling of everything we do to make it feel joyful, inspiring and fresh. My intention with Lugot has never been to be a super fast-growing company that every week pushes out news. I want to make it at a slower pace, design, and produce jewelry that goes into our collection and stays there. I have stressed enough in my days. :)

You live in lovely Varberg - where do you and I have a glass of prosecco?

Since I’m famous for my picnics during summer - I will make you one, next to the sea watching the sun go down before we take our bikes to Majas in Apelviken for some ping pong and nice beer.

Where do you go to find the best inspiration for creating new collections?

I collect inspiration when I stumble on it, it can be a surface of vintage furniture, the shape of a fruit, or a person I read about or meet. And then of course a big source of inspiration is my weekly second-hand tours. During my design process, I also like to explore making models in different materials - since it is such a great way to work with surfaces and expressions of the shape – I love to swift between sketches, illustrator, and working with hands-on-models.

How did you tackle the Covid-19 situation? You have your factories in Italy. Hehehe.

Hahaha, well what to say. It has not been easy.. but we changed perspective and saw it as an opportunity to do something for our companies in Varberg - so we made a small scarf collection, made by a local seamstress - In recycled fabrics and in our dream material - organza. I guess we fast realized that we just need to take it as it goes, it is a special situation for us all. And now we have placed bigger orders than usual to support our workshops in Italy - because they do not have the same support as we have in Sweden.