Going off Script with AWAN

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2021-04-28 by Henrietta Fromholtz

If you are searching for liberating comfort and effortless versatility, search no more. AWAN (As we are now) is a brand made to encourage women to feel free and live freely - as we are now. In an interview with Anette Miwa Dimmen, founder of this beautiful purpose-driven brand we got the full story of AWAN's journey. From what started as an urge of ​​changing the clothing industry and the perception of it to the result of a successful clothing brand for unapologetic women of all ages who believe femininity or fashion should be empowering, not limiting. Read the full interview below.

What's the story of the brand/ how did the idea come up?

AWAN (As We Are Now) was founded in Norway, 2018, by serial entrepreneur Anette Miwa Dimmen. Anette found herself asking the question of why she felt the need to change clothes as soon as she came home. And what was she actually changing into?From these questions, AWAN was born. She wanted to create a new type of dressing experience for women based on liberating comfort and effortless versatility. With pieces that feel as good as they look, while also being good for the planet.  

What's the brand's purpose?

AWAN is on a mission to liberate women from having to fit into predefined limitations of femininity. We want to be an empowering voice for women who want to feel free and live freely - As We Are Now. We believe fashion should be designed for women based on our own terms, with no compromise between feminine style, unapologetic comfort, and sustainable principles.

What is important to you in terms of production and marketing?

As a direct-to-consumer brand, it is really important to us to design and produce based on the actual need and feedback from our community. We are on a circular journey and aim to reduce over-production (one of the biggest environmental problems in the textile and fashion industry) by only making pieces that are in demand. This is why we launch with pre-order campaigns and produce batches in drops and small volumes.Name one struggle, and how you managed to work through it?Building a strong company culture with a remote, international team during covid can be tough. We do our best to build connections through team talks and our mutual love and belief in the AWAN mission, but I can’t wait for the world to open up again so I can actually meet my team members in person. 

What inspires you?

Unapologetic women (past and present) who are breaking barriers and breaking through the glass ceiling. I also get so inspired by creative processes that lead to beautiful work that could never have been achieved by just one person alone. The magic can be created from good teamwork.

AWAN is available at Off Script.