Go Off Script with fashion icon Cecilie Slemming

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2021-06-02 by Vanessa Tryde

Cecilie Slemming, creative genius, and fashion creator run her shop at Off Script where she shares her favorite pieces from brands that align with her style. Cecilie is a trustful creator with a timeless yet edgy way of dressing. In an interview, we got to capture her story behind her great interests, and also her number one beauty hack.

Tell us a little bit about yourself! Who is Cecilie?

I am a creative and ambitious profile with a great interest in fashion, branding, and design. I have always enjoyed expressing myself creatively, which I enable on my Instagram profile @cecilieslemming

Where did your interest in design and fashion start?

My interest in design and fashion started at a very young age. I have since I was a little girl coordinated my outfits myself and I have always had a strong opinion on how I should dress. Although these outfits were not always pretty, my mom allowed me to choose what to wear. A little fun fact is also that I changed my clothes several times after I came home from kindergarten to my mom's great annoyance. So I think fashion always has been a part of my life.

What is the most used item in your closet and why?

I think the most used item in my closet will be my little cashmere scarf from Lala Berlin, which I use all year round. It has a perfect size and goes with everything in my closet.

What inspires you?

I get especially inspired by the street scene and the people I pass during the day. And of course, I also get inspiration from social media and sometimes also from fashion magazines.

Name a beauty hack of yours?

A beauty hack of mine would be the Vaseline trick. If your eyebrows are “disobedient” or are curled, you can easily “tame” them by applying a small amount of Vaseline. After that, just brush them with a brow brush.

What creators do you think should have their shop at Off Script?

I think it could be interesting to see creators as Celina Wach, Tina Maria, and Maria Kragmann at Off Script