Emma Fridsell taught us that the world is our runway

Emma talks about the fashion industry, her best piece of clothing and that we should dress like the world is our runway.

July 6, 2020

Emma Fridsell taught us that the world is our runway

We think you're drop-dead cool Emma. Not only in terms of appearance but also as a person. Tell us a little more about who you are.

First of all, thank you so much! I don’t know about the cool part but I will definitely take the compliment. Who I am is a question I ask my self every day or more importantly; who I want to be. However, if we skip the deep part, I am a 21-year-old perfections hippie living in Stockholm. I love a chaotic colorful outfit but I want perfection in my life. As a living “I am practicing the art of getting dressed” as it states in my Instagram Bio. That means that I am working with a little bit of everything within fashion both as a stylist, an influencer and I dare to say more.

What is fashion and clothing for you?

Clothes and fashion are like a paintbrush and colors to an artist. Clothes let me create art, fashion lets me express who I am and allows me to speak to the world without using words. They also serve as my armor, I can both fight and hide in them.

The best thing about the fashion industry, what drives you?

Best thing? Love to hate them and hate to love them but the people. I have met so many amazing and inspiring human beings. They have taught me so much more then any school could. What drives me however is that there are no limits, I am my own boss and I decide what my next step is.

Anything less good about the fashion industry, which you would like to see a change happen?

The list is long, unfortunately, the lack of diversity, the existing and consistent racism, the way people can be treated, and the way we treat the earth. There is so much I want to change and I will not settle for less than a better industry when I am done.

What are your three most used items in your wardrobe?

My green fake fur hat that saves any bad hair day, I am also going to be boring and say a really old cashmere sweater ( I am a cold person, can’t help it) last but absolutely not least a white leather jacket cowboy style.

Do you ever feel unsure about the clothes you put on? If so, what do you usually have for mantra to rock them anyway? If no, give us a tip on how to dare to dress exactly as you want?

- If people stare it only means that you have done a good job ;)

Of course, I can feel unsure, I am human. What saves me is usually that I through an extra pair of colorful earrings in my bag and switch to them. More color is my best solution. However, the question about doubt is never “do I dare to wear this”. The times I am unhappy are usually because the outfit does not correspond with my mood or what I wished for. When it comes to dressing how you’ve always dreamed of; think of the world as your runway. If people stare it only means that you have done a good job ;)

If you were to put a name that explains what one will find in your Off Script shop, what would that name be?

More color then there are stripes on the rainbow.

Clothes without a bag, or clothes without shoes?

Clothes without a bag!

Where should we go shopping if we want to dress like Emma Fridsell? Your three can’t miss brands:

You’ll have to start in the vintage stores but then the next stop would be Ganni and then Arket.