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Eco-Conscious activewear to keep you moving - Nature Hommage is the answer

Cover Image for Eco-Conscious activewear to keep you moving - Nature Hommage is the answer
2021-05-17 by Vanessa Tryde

”Safe to say” is a bold expression made to use when you are presenting something waterproof. With a little patience, Nature Hommage managed to create an innovative activewear brand that aligned with their values. Today, sustainable and ethical methods in the manufacturing process are not self-evident but with patience and hard work, Nature Hommage was founded. This brand maintains ethical working conditions and supports human rights, diversity, and inclusion besides delivering beautiful activewear for eco-conscious women. In an interview, we got the honor to capture the brand's essence, struggles, and values. Read the full story below:

1. What's the story of the brand/ how did the idea come up?

The idea of Nature Hommage was born a couple of years ago. We were looking for sustainable, innovative activewear but did not find anything that lived up to our standards of sustainability, material, and design. This was the starting point of Nature Hommage. We started exploring fabrics, manufacturers, and partnerships. Since then, the brand has been featured in magazines such as Vanity Fair, ELLE and Grazia, won awards, and is now present in over 25 countries.

2. What's the brand's purpose?

Our brand purpose and mission are to stand out in the activewear industry by making activewear in an eco-conscious way from start to finish. We believe eco-consciousness must go further than the final product, starting from the early production stages to the final packaging details.

3. What is important to you in terms of production and marketing?

It is important that our manufacturing process is as sustainable and ethical as it can be, both when it comes to the environment and the people behind it. We maintain ethical working conditions and support human rights, diversity, and inclusion. The Gov. of Indonesia exempted our manufacturer as they fulfilled all regulations on employee treatment, waste disposal & sanitation by paying employees above minimum wage and offering company-wide health insurance for their employees and their families. Our manufacturer also provides its employees with a fresh, healthy cooked meal for lunch every day and double wages for overtime. To avoid waste throughout our manufacturing process, we donate any left-over fabric scraps to local charity-based groups who remake them into saleable goods.
Regarding marketing, it is important for us to collaborate with individuals who share our values when it comes to sustainability and slow fashion.

4. Target group?

Eco-conscious women in their 20s-40s.

5. Name one struggle, and how you managed to work through it?

One struggle was to find a manufacturer that was aligned with our values and used sustainable and innovative fabrics, as well as incorporating sustainability and ethics throughout their manufacturing process. We did not want to take the first best manufacturer that we found. In this process patience was key and at last, we found a manufacturer who not only aligned with our values but also had a long experience in the industry and highly recognized for their quality and standards.

6. What inspires you?

To challenge the current (and traditional) practices of the activewear clothing industry and offer a more sustainable alternative.Nature Hommage is available at Off Script