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Caps with quality - Let us introduce Stiksen

Cover Image for Caps with quality - Let us introduce Stiksen
2021-08-03 by Vanessa Tryde

What's the brand's purpose?

How many times haven’t we all been asked to take off our ball caps throughout our lives? Sooner rather than later, we realized that the cap is much more than a piece of clothing; it’s a statement. So already from the start, Stiksen has been about bringing people together and unite different cultures. We believe caps are as essential as any other garment and that people should be allowed to wear caps as they please. 

What is important to you in terms of production and marketing?

The cap industry has traditionally been led by mass production and licensees. At Stiksen we want to reshape the way we consider and shop for caps, aiming to perfect the headwear in terms of performance, style, and sustainability. Products are designed in Stockholm and handmade by textile artisans at small-scale producers in Bangladesh. We always strive to apply a holistic mindset taking into consideration both sustainability, quality, and social responsibility in every step of our supply chain, which is why we for instance work closely with Thanapara Swallows, a non-profit which weaves the fabrics to our bestselling caps.

As for our marketing efforts, we acknowledge that we have a responsibility as a brand and corporate citizen, influencing ideals around physical appearance in general e.g. weight and skin color through campaigns and other communication. Therefore, we always aim for variations of looks, ethnic background, and body types.

Name one struggle, and how you managed to work through it?

I’d be lying if I told you we haven’t had many struggles to get to the point we are at today, so naming one specific wouldn’t be completely fair. But I can name a few; delayed and faulty first samples, packaging material that risk stain the caps, always tight deadlines, finding the perfect product-market fit, questioning friends, etc. The keys to working through struggles are probably to always be solution-oriented, have the bigger vision in mind, and try to find the best possible options that align with our customer's expectations of us as a brand.

What inspires you?

A while ago, I met a friend and industry colleague who told me that he wants to “shrink the world”. In many aspects, that quote is a great inspiration to me and Stiksen as a brand. You can of course interpret it very differently, but to me, it means bringing people closer to each other, no matter the physical distance. That’s more or less what we want to do with Stiksen; to change the norms in the society around clothing so that everybody feels comfortable wearing whatever, whenever, and wherever – and consequently uniting people through their differences.

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